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A series of considerations for selecting and operating tractor trailers

With the continuous advancement of social productivity, the use of agricultural trailer products has also received more and more attention. Tractor trailers have also greatly promoted the development of agriculture and provided convenience to more farmers. Therefore, tractor trailers have been greatly improved. Favor.


The use of tractor trailers can be said to be very extensive and can generally be applied to plains, mountains, marshes, hills, villages and highways for the transport of bulk cargoes. Therefore, the farmers must pay attention to the selection, try to choose the correct body, there are traffic signs and lighting equipment, four corners linked to the complete tractor trailer.


At the same time, the gas fittings and electric heads of tractors and tractors should be securely secured and convenient to pick and drop. Hand-operated trailers should be smooth and have spring-loaded plate spring damping equipment. In addition, tractor trailers must be securely braked, and no-load inspections can be conducted when they are selected.


Every time before the tractor-trailer is out of the vehicle, the parts of the trailer should be carefully inspected. The flatbed trailer with towing frame should be inspected for tow hooks, towing frames, link pins, nuts, hanging rings, buffer springs, locking pins, etc.; Check the center bolt of the turntable, do not forget to check the stable chain, hub screws, leaf springs and bolts, compartments, etc., to see if there is loose, bending, cracks; check the brake connection hose, lamp wire and other equipment such as protection Network, signal lights, etc., to see if there is no shortage, whether the connection is robust, and whether the items and items on the vehicle are ready.


If you want to load cargo on a tractor-trailer, you should place it evenly and evenly, and you are not allowed to raise or lengthen the carriage arbitrarily. Overloading is not allowed. For long-term loading of the parking, the compartment should be lifted to prevent tire deformation. When starting, the coupling clutch should be slowly and smoothly. When the trailer tow hook is tightened, when the trailer is heavy and the tire is initially tumbling, the clutch pedal is released.


In addition, tractor trailers strive for stability when shifting gears, and are sensitive and sensitive; in the event of a conflict between the tractor trailer and the main vehicle during shifting, they should declutched and glided for a certain distance and wait until both the front and rear vehicle speeds become common and then perform a trip. Sex will be higher.

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