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24-Blades 800mm-Width Rotary Cultivator Working Principle and Operation Preparation

The working parts of the 24-Blades 800mm-Width Rotary Cultivator are straight or curved blades. Blades are fixed on the blade shaft according to certain rule. While in use, the shaft is driven by the tractor power output to rotate. Therefore, this kind part is called revolving working parts. When the rotary cultivator is in operation, blades are rotating at a speed and forward with the machine, to break soil, cutting, crushing and throw back.


The 24-Blades 800mm-Width Rotary Cultivator mainly work with the walking tractor to complete tillage and harrow jobs. Therefore, while in operation, it has strong soil-breaking ability, makes smooth surface. At the same time, the 24-Blades 800mm-Width Rotary Cultivator can cut root crops buried below the surface, providing a good bed for sowing.


Preparation for the 24-Blades 800mm-Width Rotary Cultivator:

1.         Check whether the parts are complete and intact, and the rotary blade installation is solid, without defect or crack. If there is, the blade should be completed and the torque should be tightened properly

2.         Check whether the motion part’s movement is flexible, and if there is a lag situation, reasons should be found out.

3.         Check whether the amount of gear oil and oil in the box of rotary cultivator meets the requirements; replace and add new gear oil if necessary; grease for bearings and bushes.

4.         Check the tension of the transmission chain. Throw knife shaft by hand, if it can be easily turned about 20 degrees, hard to pull back, then the chain tension is appropriate; if the tightness is no consistent the tensioning adjustment screw should be adjusted.

5.         Check whether the installation of the blade meets the agronomy requirements. Generally, with internal method, the middle of the ground is ridging, suitable for bedding; the external method, the middle of the ground is ditching, suitable for removing the furrow or rotary tillage; the crossing method, the ground surface is flat, suitable for ploughing or plowing during the season.

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