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22HP Walking Tractor Inspection requirements and Gear Changing

When choosing and buying the 22 HP Walking Tractor, the first thing you need to pay attention to is its appearance. This includes the coating quality of covering parts and manufacturing quality of each part. The paint on the surface of the 22HP waling tractor should be bright and even, without any leakage, peeling and rust.

The external parts of 22HP walking tractor need to be intact. The surface of each casting should be smooth and must be no cracked. The welding seams of the entire equipment should be flat and firm. To the part like engine and engine body, engine and cylinder cover, high-pressure oil pump and oil pipe joints, driving wheel, frame and transmission, and other important parts should check their connecting bolts, they should be complete and reliable and no serious oil leakage.

For the 22HP walking tractor, should check its instrument and lamps, they should be in good condition. For checking the instruments, can open decompression lever, slowly shaking the engine, checking the oil pressure gauge or other oil pressure indicates to see if there is pressure rise.

We also need to check if there is any stuck between the operation parts. When checking, flip the clutch handle, put into the “separation” position, the separation should be completely; in the “combination” position, there should be no slip sign; in the “breaking” position, can hand push the wheel to check whether the break is effective and reliable.

The 22HP walking tractor, when changing the gear lever, there should be obvious feel. While operating, should not have stuck and difficulty of changing gear. When in the stop state, the gear level can only hang one gear from the neutral position or no more than two blocks. When moving, can not have the take off the block or block automatically.

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