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2-wheel tractor maintenance hacks

In order to give full play to the excellent performance of two-wheel tractors and avoid premature damage, it is necessary to regularly inspect, adjust, lubricate, tighten and replace parts, supplement lubricants, and add technical maintenance measures such as fuel and cooling water according to technical requirements. This will help restore the technical state of the 2-wheel tractor, thereby extending the use of the tractor.


In other words, only by doing a good job of daily technical maintenance can the 2-wheel tractor be kept in a good state of operation for a long period of time, achieving high efficiency, high quality, low consumption and safety. In general, when performing maintenance operations, first pay attention to the net oil and diesel net. The engine oil is the main lubricant of the tractor. It not only acts as a lubricant, but also acts as a cooling, cleaning and sealing agent.


Therefore, it is necessary to select the suitable oil, usually the grade of the oil, the amount of oil to be filled, the oil quality, the Hertz, etc. must be carried out as required. In fact, the wear rate of parts requiring lubrication, in particular crank mechanisms, plays a decisive role. If the oil filter is poorly maintained, or if it is not timely, it is likely to cause plugging of impurities and increase filtration resistance. Therefore, it is very important to maintain the oil filter. If there is not enough oil, it will increase the wear of the 2-wheel tractor.


At the same time, diesel is its source of power during the operation of the 2-wheel tractor. Therefore, the degree of diesel cleanness will directly affect the wear speed of precision parts, and the lack of fuel will accelerate the wear of precision parts. After the wear of the precision coupler wears, the clearance increases, the amount of oil supply decreases, the uniformity decreases, the supply pressure is insufficient, and the atomization is poor, which inevitably leads to incomplete combustion and reduces the engine power.


Therefore, during the use of two-wheel tractors, we must pay attention to maintaining the cleanliness of diesel. Otherwise, the impact of fuel incomplete on the engine performance will have a significant negative effect. In fact, it is very important to ensure the diesel purification during the maintenance of the 2 wheel tractors. During maintenance, it is necessary to maintain the coarse and fine filtration performance of the diesel filter and ensure that the diesel oil entering the high-pressure oil pump is clean.

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