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18HP side steering wheel transport tractors need to pay attention to work in high temperature environment

18HP side steering wheel transport tractor need to pay attention to the problem when working in a high temperature environment. Care should be taken to handle the “opening of the pot”. When the cooling water is “opened”, it should be handled with care. The correct treatment method is to make the engine run at medium speed. Open the radiator cover and let out the hot air. After cooling down, slowly add cold water. When opening the radiator cover, the operator should stand in the upwind position, and the face should not face the water inlet to avoid being burnt by the hot water.


The 18-horsepower side steering wheel  transport tractor needs to effectively keep the cold system clean. Before the arrival of the summer, the cooling system must be thoroughly descaled and cleaned, so that the water pump and the radiator water pipe can be unblocked to ensure the normal circulation of the cooling water. Weeds should also be removed in time from the weeds attached to the surface of the radiator.


side steering wheel  transport tractor to prevent water leakage The leakage of the cooling system occurs mostly at the pump bushing. At this time, the water seal compression nut is properly tightened. If it is invalid, it indicates that the filler has failed and should be replaced in time. The filler can be wound with a asbestos rope coated with graphite powder.

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