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18 HP Walking Tractor’s Start, Shift and Turn

Normally, 18 HP walking tractor is able to run after warming the machine. When starting the tractor, lift up the front support frame, do not hold the steering handle, instead, sway the hand support frame form left to right until the pendulum stops. Then adjust the clutch brake handle to the “OFF” position, push the shift lever and put it in the desired gear.

Then the clutch lever should be adjusted to the “CLOSE” position so that the 18 HP walking tractor will start to move. While moving, the driver can control the throttle according to the load. At this point, start process is done. So, how to shift gears? When the load or the road condition changes while driving, it needs to adjust the traction or speed in time.

To achieve this, shifting is required. It is important to note that before doing the shift operation, the clutch brake handle should be pulled to the “OFF” position quickly. And put the shift lever to the desired position, left is the low gear, right is the high gear. Gradually work with clutch, 18 HP walking tractor will be able to get the corresponding speed.

When changing the direction, it is usually done by turning the steering wheel to the left and right. Bear in mind that, when making the turn, you should first reduce the throttle and reduce the speed. Generally speaking, push the right steering handle then turn right, left steering handle to turn left.

If drive straight, and only a slight adjustment on the direction, then no need to hold the steering handle, just push the handrail. If equipped with riding system, push the right pedal to turn right, and left pedal to turn left.


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