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12 horsepower 2 wheel tractor operating notes

First of all, in the case of special weather or when the operating conditions are special, pay more attention when using a 12-horsepower 2-wheel tractor. Under normal conditions, tractors should not be used during periods of high summer temperatures and rain and winter ice and snow conditions. However, in practical applications, the frequency of using a 12-horsepower 2-wheel tractor in the summer is relatively large, and therefore it requires more attention during use.


It is recommended that you do not try to get out of the car when you are experiencing extremely high temperatures and rainy weather. Prepare drinking water when you leave the car in hot weather. It is best to prepare a towel. At the same time try to avoid driving at noon, the highest temperature in the summer at noon, the driver is also easy to dodge at noon, is not conducive to safe driving. When working in rainy weather, care should be taken to properly control the speed of 12-horsepower 2-wheel tractors.


In general, taking into account the restrictive conditions of the operating environment, during the operation of a 12-horsepower 2-wheel tractor, it is necessary to pay attention to slow down, not to brake, and not to overspeed or overload. Secondly, it is forbidden to use tractors during use. If you are in an overloaded state for a long time, it will not only shorten its service life, but also bury potential safety hazards.


With regard to the overloaded use of a 12-horsepower 2-wheel tractor, including both overload and overspeed conditions, these two major problems are the main causes of tractor malfunction and danger to agricultural operators. Therefore, I hope everyone should be cautious and safe. In addition, care must be taken to reduce the additional inertial forces or impact loads that the tractor's moving parts may experience. In other words, in the operation process, it should keep its smooth running, meet the special road to reduce the speed as much as possible to ensure that the tractor can pass safely and steadily.


In addition, during the daily use of a 12-horsepower 2-wheel tractor, we shall not abruptly change the position of the throttle lever. The oil supply or deceleration shall be kept gentle. We shall not slam the throttle or slam on the brakes to ensure the smooth and safe operation of the vehicle. Driving. Reducing the additional inertial force or impact load that 12 horsepower two-wheel tractors may receive on their moving parts can effectively extend their service life.

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